Everything we do, we do out of the firm conviction to challenge the status quo by thinking differently and not being satisfied with the standard.

We challenge the status quo by equipping our products with a modern and sustainable design while actively assuming our social responsibility towards people and nature.

We offer our customers the best products, which generate added value through their numerous positive characteristics and give something back to society.

Our products are made accessible worldwide through our logistics network.

JIMTEX is the responsibility of textiles – a conviction.

Our Vision

Our vision as a company is to offer products exclusively who fulfill their responsibility towards people and nature.

We share fundamental values such as teamwork, respect, diversity, and commitment and believe that there is always room for improvement.

Every human being, from creation to delivery, is the key to the company’s success and part of the collective energy that makes it possible to offer products of the highest quality – we at JIMTEX firmly believe in the power of people.

We see it as our duty to fulfill our social responsibility and to work only with partners who have the right working conditions and high-quality jobs.

The challenges of climate change and people’s impact on nature, in general, affect us all – and each of us contributes to making it better.

Water is our planet’s most valuable resource. All life needs water – but to keep our world healthy, water needs to be clean and abundant.

One of our cornerstones is the production of textiles, the raw materials for which come mainly from plastics from the oceans. With this, we want to make our contribution to make this ecosystem cleaner and to sensitize our customers to this topic.

We see it as our duty to protect the planet through the responsible use of natural resources and are aware of the importance of biological diversity.

Another cornerstone of our strategy for the production of textiles whose raw materials are predominantly organic is to source them exclusively from sustainable partners who meet our requirements in this area.

We want to close the loop and develop an efficient life cycle for our products because what we do with things we no longer need is of crucial importance for the environment and waste is a single human problem – nature knows no waste.

This cornerstone of our textile production strategy is that the raw materials used are mainly recycled textiles, When writing a paper, it’s important to find the best paper writer that is going to work the best for you. It may take some time for you to figure out what paper writer will work best for your particular needs. which we recycle and therefore do not waste.

We strive to keep our impact as a company in all these areas as low as possible and will work hard to get better and better.

Our priority is to use these cornerstones to create value for people

As a company, we want to be socially committed in the long term and actively support programs to protect people and nature.